Stone Cold vs Goldberg/Lesnar

The rumors stating the return of WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 38 if turns true will be huge welcome. Stone Cold was the biggest hit in the attitude era. He was the one who brought huge ratings to the WWE and led to the downfall of WCW. His unfortunate retirement was a big loss for the wrestling business. Since then we have seen him some movies, making special appearances in WWE, TV shows and his WWE podcasts. Kevin Owens is looked as the possible opponent for Austin if he is to return. But apart from that we can also get two dream matches which people have only got to play on video games.


Austin vs. Goldberg is a dream match since the Monday Night War era. Austin and Goldberg were the respective faces of WWE and WCW at the height of competition between the companies. Boththe wrestlers had similar looks in terms of bald head and beard. Both Stone Cold and Goldberg were pushed heavily in their respective companies. When Goldberg joined WWE for the first time a match between the two was the most speculated one. Circumstances just didn’t made that possible. Recently after losing against Roman Reigns, Goldberg’s contract expired as per his statements.

If Steve Austin is coming WWE can bring back Goldberg for one more match. As such there won’t be any expectations from a head to head match involving the two of them. Witnessing two icons in the same ring might not give a long match with quality in-ring performance but the hype and years of waiting will make the moment very special.

Brock Lesnar

This match is easy to get on card. Unlike Goldberg who was with WCW, Brock Lesnar started his career in WWE. Brock was pushed heavily right from the beginning of his career. He faced topmost WWE stars early in his career like The Rock, The Undertaker and Kurt Angle just to name a few. He defeated all of them. As the years passed Brock Lesnar became unstoppable in WWE. But we never got to see him in a one on one action against Stone Cold. The match was advertised after Wrestlemania 18 but never took place.

During his appearance at “The Steve Austin Show”, Paul Heyman talked about Lesnar facing Austin. Lesnar can have a better match with Stone Cold compared to Goldberg. This match can main event any show. Lesnar is a WWE guy and if Austin comes out of retirement he will be the right opponent for him after facing Roman at Wrestlemania 38.

We all remember Austin delivering a stunner to both Lesnar and Goldberg when he was a special guest refree in their match. Coming to the end of the topic we can only wait for any such developments to happen. Check the Wrestlemania 38 match card as of now by clicking here. Do follow WWE network for new and latest developments.

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