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Stone Cold Steve Austin Fights Kevin Owens In No Hold Barred Match

We saw something unexpected on Night 1 of WrestleMania in the final segment of the show when Steve Austin’s appearance on Kevin Owens’ “KO Show” turned into an impromptu No Holds Barred match. The match was a fan friendly show for the packed crowd of more than 70,000 fans at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Austin and Owens brawled all over the ring before heading through the crowd, taking advantage of the no holds barred rules and a physically limited Austin. The final payoff was a good one, with Austin putting Owens down to please the crowd with a stunner before celebrating what is likely his final match ever in front of his fellow Texans.

The Kevin Owens Show

Steve Austin competing with Kevin Owens: Owens came to the ring and cut the promo before the scheduled “KO Show”, saying he had probably gone too far with his trash talk against Texas. He then apologized for “speaking the whole truth of God’s truth” about the world and that Texas was worse than he remembered. Austin’s music hit and broke Owens, drawing a huge pop from the faithful Texas. After the immersion of the reaction on stage, Austin walked back to the ATV, circling the ring before entering and exiting the corner with a celebratory corner.

Austin took his seat on the KO Show and went down with Owens for a “stupid haircut” and a scandal about Texas, calling Owens a “stupid son” After the trash talk back and forth, Owens said he had, in fact, tricked Austin and did not want to talk. Instead, Owens said, he wanted a war. Owens challenged Austin in the match, saying Austin had no reason to reject the No Holds Barred game immediately. After Owens continued to talk about Austin trash, Austin called the referee and started the game.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Kevin Owens (No Holds Barred Match)

The two men started trading in boxing before Austin hit the mud in Owens while down the corner. Austin continued to bring war, throwing Owens into the ring and repeatedly calling for beers. The commotion continued outside the ring, with Owens winning shortly before entering the crowd, Austin’s fists and chops wearing Owens low. Owens put Austin down with a suplex in the concrete. Austin could not be kept down, yet he stepped back, threw Owens at the notice table and forced him to step back from Austin’s ATV. Austin gave Owens a ride on stage and punished him at the entrance, hitting multiple suplexes.

The action returned to the ring where Owens hit something high after Austin drank a few beers but Austin managed to kick. Owens left the ring to take the metal seat but missed Austin, striking himself in the face as the chair came out of the upper rope. Austin hit something high, hit something high to win the game. Like pure wrestling, this was no closer to any man’s work. As a “special time” played for fans and WrestleMania’s “great moments”, it was great. Considering Austin’s physical limitations – the impact of a long history of knee injury is particularly evident everywhere – you can’t ask for a better match for the “walking and arguing” style. Steve Austin defeated Kevin Owens by pinfall. He thus broke Brock Lesnar’s record.

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