Steven Correa

Steven Correa highlights his recruitment policy for THRV Digital

Tech expert and founder of THRV Digital, Steven Correa, sheds more light on the recruitment process of his creative agency

Steven Correa founded THRV Digital with one goal in mind – to help businesses across all industries to leverage the inherent features and benefits of digital solutions. In just over two years, the popularity and acceptance of THRV have grown tremendously. The remarkable feat achieved by Steven Correa and THRV Digital can be largely attributed to his illustrious team of professionals. The digital transformation enthusiast recently highlighted the major factors he considers when putting his team together.

Networking is invaluable for THRV. I don’t hire employees at a means to an end. I want to know their story and what sparked their passion for web development and the digital tech industry. I love what I do and I love my employees to match the same energy I bring to every space and every project. The culture of THRV is unique and to flourish exponentially, we must continue to prioritize the needs of our clients,” Steven Correa said.

There has been an increasing demand for digital solutions in recent times as businesses look to enhance customer engagement and ultimately help to improve their figures. Consequently, there has been an influx of services providers in the industry, with the goal of meeting the diverse needs of clients. The tons of companies in the digital industry and the dynamism of the industry have made it a bit more difficult for service providers to make headway. However, one brand seems poised to disrupt the industry and help businesses grow without necessarily breaking the bank.

Founded in 2017, Steven and his amazing team at THRV Digital have gradually worked their way into the hearts of businesses. When asked about the key factors considered when hiring his workers, Steven expressed his preference for skills and passion for the job. “Once I know you have this mindset, then I focus on your skills and the quality of your work. I want nothing but the best for my employees and want to see them grow in this business. Every member of my team has unique strengths and we capitalize on this to deliver the best results for our clients every day,” Steven said.

Considering the achievements of THRV Digital in its short space of operation, one can rightly predict that Steven Correa is positioned to take on the heavyweights in the industry and give them a run for their money.

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