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Stephenie Meyer author of Twilight teases fans with a strange countdown

Stephenie Meyer author of the Twilight series, has an announcement on the way and fans are speculating what it could be.

The countdown clock on Stephenie Meyer’s website ends at midnight on Monday (May 4). People think that her Twilight spinoff book “Midnight Sun” might finally be on the way.

The new book was a different version of the original, told by Edward’s point of view. This isn’t the first time the novel has been teased, back in 2008, parts of it were leaked. Due to this, Meyer put the book on hold.

There’s a possibility that the new announcement could be a non twilight related book. But there’s nothing that can by said except waiting for the countdown to end.

The Twilight Saga was a hit amongst the audience so much so that the books were later adapted into films and fared well during their box office runs. Previously, Meyer had written a novella spin off for the series titled “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”.

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