Stephen Strange’s Deleted Multiversal Variant Of Dr. Strange 2 Revealed

Marvel Studios have already opened its multiversal portal. Through its films like Spider-Man No Way Home & Dr. Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. While the multiverse could lead to any possibility or any variant being introduced. It’s known that one more variant of Stephen Strange was scrapped from Dr. Strange 2.

In the movie, we got to witness three versions of Strange. First, the main Dr. Strange, Sinister Strange & Defender Strange. As we all know the directors were changed for this multiversal film. When Sam Raimi stepped up to helm the film after Scott Derrickson’s exit. The script underwent a lot of changes.

In the change of scripts, this new variant couldn’t land up in the film and was deleted. The concept artist has shared the character’s art on his Instagram profile.

A New Dr. Strange Variant?

Credits: Darrell Warner// Instagram

Darrell Warner, the concept artist of Dr. Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, shared an image of a new Dr. Strange variant. The variant looked like a street magician version. Dr. Strange is seen wearing a red fez hat and orange ancient long overlapping coat.

He also had a bag, cards, and a rabbit in a hat. Like some ancient magician. The artist revealed that the character piece is known as ‘Marvellous Melvyn’. He completed this art very early in the first lockdown for Scott’s script. Which obviously changed with the entry of Sam Raimi. The artist wrote, ” All in all it was an absolute joy to complete and so very pleased it has found some recognition.”

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