“Stephen Curry Is The People’s Champ!”: Says ESPN Analyst

Stephen Curry of the Warriors is dubbed the “People’s Champion” as he is ready to accept a $1 Billion lifetime contract with Under Armour.

One sees a league of giants competing against one another to score goals when watching the NBA. At the moment, 6’7″ is the NBA average height. There is a 10-inch difference when compared to the height of the typical American guy, who is 5’9″, according to a medical news website.

Due to their enormous heights, NBA players are difficult to relate to for a normal person. However, when 6’2″ Stephen Curry began to rule the game, it was a sign of hope for the common guy. There is hope for others if a player who is smaller than the majority of the league can dominate and compete for the title of best player.

Steph just said in an interview with Rolling Stone that the sneaker company Under Armour is getting closer to offering him a billion dollar lifetime contract.

ESPN Experts Heap Praises On Stephen Curry

On NBA Today earlier this morning, Zach Lowe, Kendrick Perkins, and Mallika Andrews were discussing Steph’s $1 billion contract with Under Armour when Andrews brought it up. She expressed her disbelief at the same and enquired of Big Perk whether he could picture Steph getting a $1 billion contract.

“He deserves it! When you talk about a guy that changed the game of basketball forever, the light skin brother with the green eyes, I mean, he is something different. Coming off his first Finals MVP, winning another Championship, I mean, Steph Curry is basketball!”

Perk responded by saying.

Steph is currently the NBA player with the most marketability, continued Andrews. Answering, Zach Lowe remarked,

“Stephen Curry is very marketable. Because of his size, and the way he plays, kids can relate to him in a way they can’t relate to Shaq and LeBron… Steph is just the People’s Champ, he’s the guy!”

Lowe is correct when she says that Curry is easier for people to relate to than previous superstars. He demonstrated to everyone how there are other ways to thrive in basketball than being huge and dominating around the basket.


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