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Stephen Amell was convinced to stay on the show for 2 more seasons by the Arrow producer

Stephen Amell said that his appearances on Arrow in the previous two seasons were due to the show’s producer asking him to continue. The television series premiered on The CW in the fall of 2012.

The popular superhero show lasted eight seasons and spawned several spinoffs, including Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, which are now considered part of the Arrowverse.

Arrow follows the activities of Green Arrow, Starling City’s hooded vigilante, played by Stephen Amell. The plot arc of the series begins with Oliver Queen’s choice to pick up his bow in order to battle corruption and ends with the Green Arrow’s inevitable death.

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Stephen Amell for 2 more Seasons

Arrow was nominated for several television awards and gave superhero shows on The CW a new lease on life. Throughout the series, Amell played Queen alongside a remarkable cast that included Manu Bennett, David Ramsey, John Barrowman, and Caity Lotz.

Despite the fact that Oliver Queen was the show’s protagonist, Amell’s screen time dwindled in the last seasons. The show’s focus began to shift away from Queen and toward Green Arrow’s team.

Amell’s recent remarks give some light on why this might have been the case. Amell acknowledges that he wanted to leave the show before the final two seasons in an edition of the Hero Nation Podcast (via Just Jared Jr.).

Berlanti has a long history of developing and producing great television shows. In addition to Arrow, he has worked as a producer on Dawson’s Creek and Riverdale. His ability to motivate Amell to stay is just another example of his television success, far more so than his big-screen DC blockbuster, Green Lantern. Berlanti proven to be just what Amell needed to keep Starling City and Arrow alive.

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