Stephen A. Smith Rips Off The 76ers After Loss

Stephen A. Smith Rips Off The 76ers After Loss

Following the matchup between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets on March 10, the Nets won by a huge margin of 129-100. The Nets handled the game well compared to Harden who vanished in the middle of the game and was struggling from the field.

Stephen A. Smith on 76ers

ESPN analyst, Stephen A. Smith had something interesting to say on the 76ers post their match after watching the way the game was played.

”Here’s the bottom line. I’m writing the epitaph on the Philadelphia 76ers right now. As long as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are healthy on the court together, book it! It’s a wrap! Philly ain’t going anywhere.”

There is truth in Stephen A. Smith’s words as no team in the league would want to see a healthy Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the first Round of the playoffs. In addition to that, there is depth in the Philly bench with Bruce Brown, Goran Dragic, Nicolas Claxton, Blake Griffin and so on.

However, he has been critical of the Nets due to the drama surrounding the team. Irving not taking the vaccine due to which he was not allowed to play in home games, James Harden wanting out and getting traded to Philly.

Stephen A. Smith on Nets’ Drama

Smith added, “What does Golden State have? Culture. They do have leaders. They have culture, they have coaching, they have leadership. What I’m saying is, when you depart from that what you’re saying is ‘I ain’t worried about that cause I got that covered.’

“Well if you got that covered, why is Kyrie doing what he wants to do, why is Ben Simmons running from challenges, and why are you leaving Kevin Durant hanging?”

In hindsight, Harden left the Nets in order to win a championship. He felt that the best player of the team at that time was Joel Embiid and the 76ers required a 2nd superstar so he filled in the role. But, it cannot be denied that the Nets are one to be feared when all of them are healthy. It will be interesting to see what transpires during the Playoffs with the level of competitiveness there is in the eastern conference.

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