Stephen A. Smith Rips Into Kyrie Irving Despite His 50 Point Outburst

Stephen A. Smith Rips Into Kyrie Irving Despite His 50 Point Outburst

The Nets versus Hornets matchup was an exciting one as Kyrie Irving goes off for 50 points in 15 of 19 shooting from the field. This was the first time since 2020 that Irving has scored 50 points in a single game.

The Irving situation

This season Irving has been having off the court issues as he is banned from playing Brooklyn’s home games due to CoVid Vaccine Protocols set by the New York Mayor. He is backed up by the Brooklyn Nets organization on his stand. Kevin Durant after the Hornet’s game was praising Irving for his stellar display when he plays on the court.

Stephen A Smith’s comments

However, there are people who view Irving’s stubbornness as ‘selfish’ due to the impact it is having on the Nets. ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith was beside himself with anger despite Irving’s display and had shared some of his viewpoints.

“It made me want to throw up. I’m disgusted. Because you’ve got a bunch of fools out there that’s raving about Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant clapping and all of that. Kevin Durant should be sick. The fans who love Kyrie Irving should be sick. Cause you know what last night was evidence of? What he’s robbing us of.”

Smith added, “Find me one person who watches the game of basketball and denies how spectacular of an offensive player Kyrie Irving is. It’s never happened. We’ve all seen this. This is nothing. He scored 50… so? Kyrie could do that in his sleep.”

“What we talked about is that he ain’t available. This is who he is. And when I saw Kevin Durant clapping like that last night and everybody raving, I got ticked off, because that’s exactly what Kyrie Irving wants to do. He wants to skip half the season, he wanna work when he wanna work. Then he wanna show up, he puts on a show, and then everybody gets caught up in the show…”

While it is understandable the reason behind Irving’s shenanigans, there is no denying that Smith is right on his evaluation of Irving. Organizations in the NBA aren’t built overnight. If you are playing for an organization then they require you to suit up and get ready to play. It’s the job of the players to do so because the fans are coming to see them play.

All the NBA greats have done so in the past and there are players who are still doing it despite being over their peak. Apart from personal agenda, the players are aware of their responsibility to the fans. This is something which Kyrie Irving should take into consideration before it starts affecting in areas other than him as a player.

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