Stephen A. Smith Lashes Out On Ben Simmons

Stephen A. Smith Lashes Out On Ben Simmons

On 10th February, Sixers traded Ben Simmons, Andre Drummond, Seth Curry and two 1st round draft picks, to acquire James Harden and Paul Millsap from the Brooklyn Nets. It was a win-win trade for both the teams as Harden wanted to be in Philly and Simmons wanted out.

The Matchup

Tomorrow, both teams are going to go head to head with one another for the first time since the trade. James Harden will be playing but Ben Simmons won’t. Simmons’ agents informed the team that he is suffering from back soreness due to which he won’t be able to participate.

However, the analysts believe that Simmons do not want to play because of the jeering that he would be receiving from the crowd. Philadelphia fans are like two side of a coin. They will fully support their players who are not afraid of the moment and give their all on the court. On the flip side, if any of their player chicken out then they are going to let them hear about it.

Stephen A’ Smith’s comments

Stephen A. Smith had an interesting analysis being a Philly resident for a major part of his life. He said, “It would be very very bad for him (Simmons).”

“If it’s a mental issue as it pertains to the Philadelphia 76ers fan base, as a guy that was a reporter and columnist in Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Enquirer for seventeen years, I can assure you as much as my skin is black, I can guarantee you, that moment when that brother shows up in Philadelphia, they will be waiting for him. Because they know, in their minds, they can get to him. And now that he’s a part of the opposition, they are going to eat him for breakfast.”

Ben Simmons may be safe for now but the next time he enters Philadelphia then there is not a single person that can help him other than himself. He needs to get over this hump as soon as possible before he gets engulfed by the fear.

Of course it is understandable that every person is not the same. But, if a player’s mentality is hugely effected due to the surroundings then it will be extremely difficult for him to survive the last minutes of a close game. The clock is ticking, Simmons better hurry!

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