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Stephanie McMahon Talks About Her Friendship With Andre The Giant

In a recent documentary on the renowned superstar’s conflict with Hulk Hogan, Stephanie McMahon, a former chairwoman of the WWE, talked about her friendship with Andre the Giant. In the 1980s, Andre the Giant was a popular figure in the wrestling industry.

Stephanie McMahon, who was born in 1976, went to a lot of WWE events as a youngster, including the 1985 debut of WrestleMania. McMahon remembered how she dozed off on the seven-foot-four Frenchman’s lap at a party after WrestleMania in the most recent A&E WWE Rivals episode.

“I was acquainted with Andre. On Andre the Giant’s lap at the WrestleMania after-party at WrestleMania 1, I actually dozed off. You sensed from him this incredible vitality. He had such a presence and a bond with the populace.” At WrestleMania 1, Andre the Giant triumphed against Big John Studd in a Career vs. $15,000 Body Slam Challenge.

WWE Sale

The Undertaker, a WWE Hall of Famer, mentioned Andre disliking Studd in real life last week. Andre the Giant died of congestive heart failure on January 27, 1993, at the age of 46. He was the inaugural member of the WWE Hall of Fame later that year.Andre the Giant received an emotional homage from Hulk Hogan yesterday as they discussed their long-standing feud.

Since Vince McMahon rejoined the WWE Board of Directors more than a month ago, it appears the business is inching closer to a sale. According to the reports, McMahon is looking to buy a company for $9 billion. The same sources also disclosed that there have been bids for the sale of the business.

Unfortunately, it is unknown from whose businesses or people those proposals originated or how closely they came to McMahon’s goal price. During an appearance on CNBC earlier this month, WWE CEO Nick Khan stated that the company anticipates the selling process to move very quickly, possibly within three months.

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