Steph Curry Nearing A Billion-Dollar Contract with Under Armour

The Golden State Warriors, 3-pointers, and on-court jeers are just a few things that Stephen Curry is nearly synonymous with.

Another name on that list is the clothing brand Under Armour, which has supported Curry since 2013—before the Warriors established themselves as a top team and before he became a household name.

Curry and Under Armour are currently closing in on an agreement that will keep them linked at the hip — and on the contract — for a very long time.

Curry and UA are close to agreeing on a $1 billion lifetime contract, according to a Rolling Stone feature of him that was published this week. Curry’s current contract with Under Armour, which includes his own Curry Brand, expires in 2024.

Steph Curry hates Donald Trump

Curry, 34, acknowledged there had been some conflict with the corporation situated in Maryland. Notably, Curry informed this news agency that he would concur “provided you take the ‘et'” from the word”asset”” when Under Armour founder and chairman Kevin Plank complimented then-president Donald Trump as a “asset” to the country in 2017.

After some difficult discussions, Curry renewed his contract with the company in 2018 for a six-year period. According to Curry, “There wasn’t nearly a grasp of what it takes to manage a business like that correctly.” The Curry Brand was introduced in 2020 by him and Under Armour.

What is his current contract?

The four-time NBA champion and two-time NBA MVP’s current contract with Under Armour, which is allegedly worth $20 million year, expires in 2024. Curry, 34, departed Nike in 2013 to join Under Armour on a $4 million-per-year contract.

Curry and Under Armour debuted the Curry Brand apparel segment in 2020 in an effort to take on Nike and its Jordan Brand. The new collection featured footwear and apparel for basketball in addition to other sports like golf.

Curry is currently the reigning NBA Finals MVP and demonstrated during the Warriors’ postseason run that he could continue playing at a high level for a number of more years. This potential lifetime deal is being negotiated at a wonderful time for Curry’s leverage.

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