Standup4apa Commends Tech Giants for Ensuring Broad Coverage for Young Pregnant Women

Founded by mothers for mothers, Stand Up! For Accurate Prenatal Answers is on a mission to ensure that all women in the U.S. have access to accurate and non-invasive prenatal genetic screening tests concerning fetal health. Stand Up!4APA is pleased to see evidence of leading tech companies such as Cisco and Google affirming the right of women’s rights during pregnancy and pushing back on leading insurance companies who have generally restricted access to only pregnant women over the age of 35.

Nearly four million women in the United States —particularly women under 35- are being denied access to the benefits of reliable, accurate, and non-invasive prenatal screening tests, because of lack of insurance coverage, low income, and age-related discrimination. The result of this discrimination is:

  • Too many false negatives: Up to 22% of Down Syndrome cases are missed
  • Too many false positives: Creating unnecessary anxiety for the mothers during pregnancy, expensive specialist referrals and invasive procedures that can result in the loss of the child

“Pregnancy is the most precious time in any woman’s life. Carrying another life within you for those treasured nine months is a blessing and a miracle. Stand up!4APA was created to provide a voice for young mothers who have gone through traumatic experiences because multi-billion dollar insurance companies like Aetna and UnitedHealthcare do not cover more accurate testing” explains Cori Simmons, President, Stand Up for Accurate Prenatal Answers. “While steps taken by Cisco and Google are encouraging, we implore women in other Silicon Valley companies take note and demand accurate prenatal answers”