Sports Betting On Jake Paul Vs Dana White Boxing Match Has Taken The Internet By Storm

Fierce rivalries in the world of sports or business keep things interesting. One such rivalry is between YouTuber-cum-Boxer Jake Paul and the UFC Boss Dana White.

Jake Paul and Dana White have had friction amongst them for quite a while now. Dana White claims and discredits Jake Paul’s achievements as a professional boxer while Jake Paul publicly calls out the UFC Boss for his fighter pay numbers claiming that he doesn’t pay the UFC fighters enough. Recently, the YouTuber-turned Professional Boxer released a diss track on Dana White titled ‘F**k Dana White’.

Dana White 6/1 Underdog

Amidst the ongoing rivalry and drama, American bookmaker BetOnlineAg has launched a new avenue for sports lover to bet on a “potential” Jake Paul Vs Dana White boxing match. Jake Paul is an odds-on favourite for a fight with UFC president as the bookmaker is offering 1/12 odds for Jake Paul defeating UFC Boss White if the fight ever happens. Dana White is a massive 6/1 underdog in the bet as of now.

The ability to bet on a potential Jake Paul Vs Dana White fight has made netizens enthusiastic about the prospects. Many twitter users shared the sports betting thumbnail of BetOnline and revealed who they had bet in favor of or against.

What If The Fight Never Happens?

One user commented “Jake could knock Dana out cold and fighter pay wouldn’t change one bit” while another expressed confusion about what happens to his money if the Jake Vs Dana fight never happens.

“Serious question, what happens if you place a bet and the fight never happens. Refunded?”

In the past, Dana White claimed that he wants to randomly steroid test Jake Paul for the next two years to prove his point.

“Jake, you never responded to the challenge,” said White. “I believe that you’re a cheater. I believe that you use steroids. So, I want to randomly steroid test you for the next two years.

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