Sami Zayn

Spoiler: Sami Zayn Will Win The WWE Royal Rumble 2023?

The WWE Royal Rumble 2023 is expected to be a spectacular event full of thrilling shocks. The Royal Rumble PLE in the Alamodome will set the stage for the biggest rivalries at WrestleMania as it serves as the start of “The Road to WrestleMania.”

Roman Reigns will defend the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens for the third time, along with two 30-man Rumble fights. This compelling narrative centers on Sami Zayn. The Honorary Uce of The Bloodline and former best friend of the Prizefighter Consequently, “the Kevin Owens problem” put him in an unusual situation.

Zayn has repeatedly shown his allegiance to the Samoan community. He stabbed Owens in the back at Survivor Series: WarGames to give his new “family” a commanding victory. He nearly broke Owens’ jaw. Unfortunately, going into the WWE Royal Rumble 2023, Reigns and Heyman have expressed some skepticism about the former IC Champion’s sincere allegiances.

KO and John Cena

Their annoyance with Zayn is primarily a result of his increasing notoriety and their pinfall defeat to KO and John Cena in their tag-team match. The Honorary Uce’s time in The Bloodline seemed to be running out. During Reigns vs. Owens, the Master Strategist will play a crucial and maybe game-changing role.

Sami Zayn is expected to play some sort of role in the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship battle.
In the Men’s Rumble, Sami Uso might feel a little more “Ucey” and perform double duty at the WWE Royal Rumble in 2023. Zayn is not among the Superstars who have officially declared, but it is not out of the question given the numerous rumours and his present predicament with Reigns.

However, as WrestleTix has noted on their Patreon, WWE has surpassed the 40,000 ticket mark. They note that there are currently 2,728 tickets available for resale, with the total number of tickets distributed standing at 40,699 at this time. The Royal Rumble Premium Live Event typically does not feature a large number of matches due to having two different Royal Rumble matches (one for the men and one for the women).

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