Spider-Man's Greatest Power Is His Biggest Weakness Now

Spider-Man’s Greatest Power Is His Biggest Weakness Now

Peter Parker’s greatest strength has been turned against him, making him his greatest weakness, according to a new trailer for Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man. The original Spider-Man was exposed to significant levels of radiation poisoning while recovering in the hospital following an almost fatal confrontation with the U-Foes; leaving him largely debilitated.

While his clone Ben Reilly has stepped in to fill in for him while he recovers; it appears that Peter’s next major threat will come from his own Spider-Sense; as seen in a fresh peek at Amazing Spider-Man #83.

Amazing Spider-Man #83, by writer and artist Patrick Gleason, will continue Peter’s medical treatment. Fortunately, Peter can concentrate on regaining his health while the new Spider-Man takes care of New York. While Ben Reilly’s bosses at the Beyond Corporation aren’t exactly trustworthy; Peter trusts him and has given him permission to take over as Spider-Man in his absence.

However, the preview for the next issue shows that Peter faces a significant challenge. Due to the extra radiation within his body, the original Spider-Spider-Sense Man’s has apparently gone wild, notifying Peter of the danger within rather than outward threats. In the new trailer, Spider-Man describes the excruciating, blackout-inducing Spider-Sense feelings he’s been experiencing as “a glove turned inside out”. The sample pages and synopsis for the upcoming issue are as follows:

Given that Peter’s Spider-Sense has become incredibly debilitating rather than one of his strongest strengths, it appears that the “unbeatable odds” he faces will be largely due to his own abilities. Also, based on the cover of this issue, it appears that Peter will not be laying in bed for much longer. Even though the best thing for Spider-Man to do would be to rest rather than make himself worse trying to stop criminals in his condition; his overpowering sense of responsibility may outweigh his diminishing Spider-Sense.

Having said that, Spider-Man has overcome disease and physical limits in the past; but none as severe as his current situation. While the teaser pages of the issue hint that Peter’s next battle may be within his own mind; to reclaim his Spider-Sense; we hope he stays in bed. On December 29th, the whole issue of Amazing Spider-Man #83 will be released.

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