Spider-Man: No Way Home's Ending Made Iron Man's Death Even Worse

Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Ending Made Iron Man’s Death Even Worse

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has had his share of heartbreaking moments, beginning with the loss of his mentor Iron Man; but the finale of Spider-Man: No Way Home may have just served to emphasise Tony’s death. Spider-Man, in all of his incarnations, has to cope with loss on a regular basis; it’s what makes him a symbol of hope and endurance.

Uncle Ben has served as this mentor in most of the previous film franchises; but, in Spider-Man: Homecoming; the MCU merely hinted at his fate. Instead, Iron Man stepped in as Peter’s mentor, and their bond revealed both superheroes’ vulnerable sides.

While Spider-Man: Far From Home saw Peter coping with his grief in the aftermath of Tony’s death, the latest instalment in the Spider-Man franchise pushes the character to his boundaries. Spider-Man: No Way Home reintroduced the ruthless Green Goblin from Sam Raimi’s trilogy; who was ultimately responsible for Aunt May’s death.

Despite her death, Aunt May was still able to guide Peter in the correct direction, offering the famous remark “With great power comes great responsibility”. She was the one who helped Peter realise that in order to keep his loved ones safe, such as Ned and MJ, he would have to sacrifice his personal life; even if it meant giving up everything. This was Spider-Man’s situation in the film, with no friends and no help.

As the hero wore a homemade suit for the closing credits of Spider-Man: No Way Home; it was a scene that emphasised Spider-Man’s isolation from Iron Man, both inside the universe and to the audience. It’s disappointing since there are several points in the film where Peter might have benefited from Tony’s direct guidance as a public superhero; who could have kept Peter and his loved ones safe.

Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home is entirely alone, having lost both his identity and his support system

Even minor details seem to serve as glaring reminders of this; Peter went to Doctor Strange after he and his buddies were rejected from MIT; although Tony said in Spider-Man: Homecoming that it’s “not too late to think about college” and that he had some influencer at MIT.

Instead, Peter must rebuild his life from the ground up, with no one knowing who he is. With Tony’s gadgets and costume, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has had unique character development in the MCU; as he began with everything yet had to grasp the actual core of what it meant to be a hero.

One of the major criticisms levelled at this Spider-Man was his reliance on Iron Man; however, that reliance has now been severed completely; albeit with disastrous implications for the hero. Without Stark’s technology, it’s unclear whether Spider-Man can still face dangers of the same magnitude as before, which raises doubts about his role as an Avenger.

The most pressing question, though, will be Peter’s character growth going forward, as a hero who now realises that relying on his allies could lead to his death. Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home is entirely alone, having lost both his identity and his support system. While his contact with Happy implies that he may still be able to communicate with the Avengers in his masked identity; it’s sad to be reminded that he’s left in a world where he’s utterly alone; especially since Tony was the right person to offer him advice in the end.

Finally, the web crawler’s next appearance may take Peter’s persona to uncharted territory that hasn’t been explored on a live-action platform before. Tony’s death may have a silver lining in that it will finally be possible for Peter to forge his own path in the MCU; without having to rely on another mentor. The character’s story in the greater Marvel universe may have come to an end with Spider-Man: No Way Home; but the more grounded concept may provide an opportunity to properly examine who Peter Parker is.


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