Spider-man Freshman Year First Look: Tony Stark Replaced By Norman Osborn As Peter’s Mentor?

Marvel Fans the moment has come to see the first look of the most awaited series Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

San Diego Comic-Con is always a much-awaited event for fans as they get some very exciting news from different franchises. Previously Marvel announced the Spiderman Freshman Year project by giving us just its title look but now we have officially got to see who all will be part of the series & their official looks.

The Spiderman Freshman Year story will take place before the events of Captain America: Civil War. As Spiderman made a debut in this particular film it will explore his normal life before he becomes Spiderman in the MCU. It will explore & celebrate the story of Peter Parker’s early comic book origin story.

At Comic Con, it was reported that Spiderman Freshman Year will be released in the year 2024. But even though we have to wait till then we got some official first-look images of the series let’s look at it.

Here’s the First Look at Spiderman Freshman Year

The first image we can see is of Peter Parker as a normal high school boy, with and without his spectacles. Marvel has made sure to give us his looks from all angles.

The second picture is of his initial suit which he makes for himself when he discovers his power. The look is from the front and also the backside.

This reveal was quite exciting, As Charlie Cox will voice Daredevil in this series. This image showcases his Daredevil suit which is kind of Black with red lines.

This particular image has a character from previous Spiderman movies like Harry Osborn. Other characters are Peter Parker’s friends like Amadeus Cho, Nico Minuro from the Runaways, Lonnie Lincoln, and more.

This is a similar image to what we see in Captain America: Civil War where Tony Stark arrives at Peter Parker’s house.

At the Comic-Con it was revealed that the villains of Spiderman Freshman Year will include Scorpio, Chameleon, The Unicorn, Speed Demon, Tarantula Bitane, Carmella Black, and Otto Octavius. It was also revealed at the Comic-Con that Peter will be mentored by Norman Osborn, as the events take place before Captain America: Civil War.

Fans are confused by the reveals of Spiderman Freshman Year as it showed Norman Osborn as his mentor and not Tony Stark. Fans didn’t understand why Dr. Octavius is included in the series as it’s the canon origin story of Peter Parker. Some fans are excited as to what new this story has to offer as the first-look images were too good.

Season 2 of this Spiderman Freshman Year Series will be titled “Sophomore Year”.

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