Sony Confirms Multiverse Theory From Spider-Man: No Way Home Music

Sony Confirms Multiverse Theory From Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Time icon May 29, 2021   | Last Updated: May 17, 2024 at 5:37 AM

Sanford Panitch, the Sony Executive has teased that there is actually a plan to tie Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man to their Spider-Verse spin-offs. Marvel had sold the film rights to Spider-Man and the characters associated with it to Sony Pictures in the 90s.

Those rights are still owned by Sony but in 2014, they struck a new deal with Marvel that allowed a new Spider-Man to be brought into the MCU. However, this has not stopped Sony from launching its own spinoffs by calling it “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters”.

The relationship between the MCU and the SPUMC has always been confusing. In 2017, Amy Pascal from Sony had claimed that films like Venom were “adjuncts” of the MCU. Her comments led to a back-and-forth from figures at Sony and Marvel. The studios tried to clarify the issue but ended up confusing it even more.

Their partnership fell through in 2019 but they returned to the negotiating table and struck a new deal. This may have changed everything. Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios’ President had teased that Spider-Man has the superpower of crossing between cinematic universes.

Now, Sanford, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group President has confirmed their plans as well. He said they are planning to tie the MCU and the SPUMC together. “The volume of characters we have,” he observed, “you know, wait until you see this next Venom. You don’t miss Spider-Man.”

Sanford Confirms Multiverse in Spider-Man: No Way Home

But Sanford could not help but tease as he asked a rhetorical question saying it will be exciting if they do meet. This raised questions about whether or if this could ever happen. He responded to the question, “There actually is a plan.” The president revealed that it might get more clear for people to see where they are headed. He further said that when the upcoming Marvel movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out, more details will be revealed.

The rumours have not been confirmed but it is pretty clear now that Spider-Man: No Way Home will introduce Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to the multiverse. This would also fit perfectly when we look at Kevin’s comments from 2019. Presumably, the Spider-Verse Sony is building simply exists in an alternate timeline. This one might lead to Peter Parker ultimately crossing over the universe somehow.

This idea is lifted from the comics where Spider-Man is a Spider-Totem and is bound to Web of Life and Destiny. He has also been involved in various multiversal stories. As per Sanford’s comments, the overall shape of Marvel and Sony’s plan is becoming clearer.

Variety suggests that the recently announced Kraven The Hunter which confirmed casting Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play an important part in this narrative. Richard Wenk, Kraven the Hunter writer, suggested that the movie could involve Kraven’s last hunt featuring Spider-Man. This story is also considered one of the best from Spider-Man. And the idea would be back on the table if Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man spinoffs can connect. The possibilities are endless and extremely exciting.

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