Sonu Sood Replies To Huma Qureshi’s Comment About Him Being The Next PM Of India News

Sonu Sood Replies To Huma Qureshi’s Comment About Him Being The Next PM Of India

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Time icon June 5, 2021

Actress Huma Qureshi wants avtor m-cum-philanthropist Sonu Sood to be India’s next prime minister.

More recently, Sonu Sood had also appeared on the cover of the April issue of Stardust magazine, and he took a moment to reflect on his long journey.

He shared with his fans how he once auditioned for a shoot in the same magazine but was ‘rejected’.

What Did Sonu Say To Huma?

Sonu Sood can’t stop himself from being grateful and answering. “Yeh thoda zyada ho gaya (this is too much haha). It is very kind to say this. If you think I deserve this honor I should say I should have done something good. However I do not agree with it. I think we have a very talented Prime Minister. “

There is also the factor of age. “I think I am too young to carry such a burden. Yes, I know that Rajiv Gandhiji became prime minister at the age of 40. But those were very special situations. He also came from a family of respected politicians and I have no idea about politics and no connections”

Sood feels that the title of his leadership could unnecessarily annoy those who oppose it.

“There are people out there who don’t like the idea of me going out and doing what I want to do. I don’t want them to be upset. It’s important for me to just do my job. I enjoy my space as an actor and am now part of the plight of the average person. I think we can all do a little bit without holding a position. ”

Sonu’s Heroic Acts During The Pandemic

Last week, Sonu posted a similar video of fans pouring milk on a poster in Andhra Pradesh. T

The actor shared that tweet and simply wrote, “Humbled.”

Sonu has been providing assistance to those in need since the outbreak began, including the pandemic. He helped workers return home and provide medical assistance to those in need, among many other relief activities.

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