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Sonu Sood Reacts To Rumors That He Gifted Son Ishaan Luxury Car On Father’s Day

On Saturday, the internet was going crazy with stories that Sonu Sood, the actor-cum-philanthropist has bought a new exclusive luxury car worth Rs 3 crore for his son who recently turned 18.

The report says that Sonu had given to his son one of the most luxurious cars on the occasion of father’s day.

‘We Did Not Buy A Car’

Sonu Sood have completely denied the report. “There is no truth in it. I haven’t bought my son a car. The car was delivered to our home in order to test it. We went for a test drive. But that’s all. We did not buy a car.

The actor himself was surprised about where the father’s day angle appeared from.

What Else Did Soju Say?

“Why would I gift my son a car on Father’s Day? Shouldn’t he be gifting me something? After all it’s my day! Jokes aside, the best Father’s Day gift my two sons can gift me is to spend the day with me. I hardly have any time for them. Now that they’re growing up, they have their own life. So spending the day together is a luxury that I think I’ve earned myself.”

Sonu Sood was pleased with the response from the netizens over the news of him buying a luxury car.

“I think that over 90% of the responses to the reports that were coming in were positive. They were saying that if I bought a car, it was finally me doing something for myself and for my family. This positivity and unquestioning love that I’ve got during these months when I have reached out to people with a helping hand are the best gift I’ve received in my life. No matter how much the skeptics try to influence public opinion against me my good work won’t be doubted by my well-wishers out there.”

Sonu Sood’s Initiatives During Pandemic

Recently, there have been a lot of questions about the non-profit sources of Sonu’s philanthropy.

“Let them ask the questions. I have the answers for those I am answerable to. The rest I don’t care about. The doubters can’t deter me from my work. I will continue to help the needy.”


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