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Sonu Sood Lands On The Cover Of Stardust Magazine; Reveals He Was Rejected By The Magazine During Early Days

Sonu Sood has appeared on the cover of the April issue of Stardust magazine, and he took a moment to reflect on his long journey.

He shared with his fans how he once auditioned for a shoot in the same magazine but was ‘rejected’.

Sonu Sood’s Reaction

Talking to fans on Twitter, Sood shared the cover and wrote: “There was a day when I sent pictures of myself from Punjab for a Stardust audition, but I was turned down. Today I want to thank Stardust for this beautiful cover. I’m humbled. ”

Sonu Sood has been consistently in the news for his relief efforts, as he has been at the forefront of relief efforts since last year.

In more recent times, he has been responding to calls and text messages of grief, and arranging for hospital beds, oxygen supplies and general medicine, in the midst of Covid-19 disease.

‘I Am No Messiah’

He spoke about his experience of helping people in an article called I Am No Messiah, which also records his journey from Moga to Mumbai.

Last week, Sood also spoke of the feeling of ‘helplessness’ he experienced when he was unable to save someone, despite putting in the best efforts.

“The loss of a patient you have been trying to save, is nothing less than the loss of yours. It is very difficult to deal with his beloved family who you promised to save him. Today I lost a few. Today I lost a few. The families u were in touch with atleast 10 times a day will lose touch forever. Feel helpless,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sonu shared a video of non-stop messages for help on his phone. “We are trying our best to reach out to you. If there are delays or we miss out. Then pardon me. Apologies,” he wrote. In another tweet, he said that helping people get medical help is more rewarding than delivering a ₹100 crore film.

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