Sonu Sood helps a man reach his hometown to attend his wife’s last rites

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has come out as a messiah for so many migrant workers who have been trying to reach their hometown amid this lockdown!

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has hit India really hard. The cases have been increasing everyday and the economy has received a severe blow due to the ongoing lockdown. It has left people helpless, specially the migrant workers who do not have any means of livelihood now. In this difficult situation, the actor Sonu Sood has come out as a messiah for all such migrants.

The actor has been helping them to reach their hometown by organising buses, trains and even flights for them. People have flooded his Twitter with pleas asking him for help. 

It was recently when a man tweeted to Sonu about his neighbour who lost his wife, but was not able to attend her last rites. “Dear Sir @SonuSood @shubhamVawasthi My Neighbour Mr Sitaram Lost his wife at Native place Varanasi. Trying to go to Varanasi For Spiritual Work. They are total 3 member. Please help @SonuSood sir we don’t have any other option then you,” read the tweet.

The actor humbly replied, “Sonu was quick to respond with, “I am sorry for the loss. will send him tomorrow. He will reach his home soon. God bless.”

A few days back there were reports of Sonu not being allowed to enter Bandra Railway Station. He had cleared all such rumours, as he tweeted saying, “Just to set the record straight – I was not stopped from entering the station. I absolutely respect the protocols and have duly followed it. I had requested the state government for the train so that I could send the migrants back home to reunite them with their families.”

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