Here’s who Sonu Sood chooses between Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood was asked to choose between the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

Sonu Sood is one Bollywood actor who has won hearts of the countrymen in this lockdown. He has been helping the stranded migrant workers to reach their hometown. His work has gained him appreciation from a lot of people, including the politicians.

Recently in an interview, Sonu talked about the politicians. He also chose between the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He told Times Now, “Both are my favourite, how political correct can I be on Frankly Speaking. I am a huge Modi fan. The way he connected with common man, it is really inspirational. He is a leader who went ahead for some revolutionary decisions in the country. He is the one I really look up to.”

When asked if he has any friends belonging to political parties, he denied it. But he also agreed that a lot of political leaders have been lauding him for his initiative. “Sometimes you have gatherings where there are ministers also. I have been nice to everyone. Everyone appreciated and supported my efforts. Priyanka Gandhi was the first one to appreciate my efforts and said, well done Sonu. People from NCP, Mr. Deshmukh, said that I am doing pretty well. To be frank, I don’t know how the system functions but I know somewhere in their heart they know, that my intentions are right,” he said.

The ruling party in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena had earlier tried to attack the actor bringing up the possibilities of the opposition party BJP helping him to put them down. However, Sonu had denied all such allegation keeping it clear that whatever he has been doing is out of love for these migrants.  

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