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Soni Razdan confirms that Alia Bhatt is living with Ranbir Kapoor amid lockdown

A few days back a video had gone viral on social media which saw Alia Bhatt taking a walk with Ranbir Kapoor during the lockdown!

Many dating couples have moved in together during the lockdown. So have our B-town celebs Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. A few days back, a video had gone viral on social media which saw them taking a walk together in the actor’s society. Since then people have been wondering if they are living together.

The same has been confirmed by Alia’s mom, Soni Razdan who told Mirror that Alia is indeed living with Ranbir these days. She also clarified that her elder daughter Shaheen Bhatt is not living with the couple.


When asked if her daughters are watching the re-run of her show Buniyaad on TV, she said, “I have no idea whether they are or not. I am sure, they will. I think they will enjoy it because they both love anything which has depth.”

Soni also revealed that while Shaheen is busy writing, Alia has taken an online writing course and reading. They do their daily exercises. They are also cooking and doing all those things that they normally don’t get a chance to do. “Both of them are cooking some meals, as well. Both of them are chipping in and doing a little bit they can do. It’s not a question of keeping busy, it’s doing what’s required. Everybody is doing their stuff, they are no exceptions to that,” added the veteran actress.

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