Song Kang, Han So-hee grateful to fans as ‘Nevertheless’ ends

Following the series end, the cast of JTBC‘s romantic series “Nevertheless,” led by Song Kang and Han So-hee, expressed their gratitude to fans.

Song remarked through his agency Namoo Actors on Sunday, “It has been quite a voyage throughout three months of filming, full with exciting and nervous times.” “Working on this series has been so much pleasure. Nonetheless, I hope you appreciate it even after it ends.”

Han stated: “I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm for the two protagonists’ romance. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed yourself and were entertained during this hot summer.

The series is based on the same-named popular webcomic.

After catching her partner cheating on her, Yoo Na-bi (Han) begins to doubt love. She has a flirtatious encounter with handsome, broody Park Jae-eon (Song), who attends the same school as her boyfriend, on the day she breaks up with him.

Their connection grows from friends with benefits to a complex romance as a result of their brief encounter.

Many fans were excited to see Han from “The World of the Married” and Song from “Sweet Home” as the lead in the 10-part drama. However, after debuting on June 19 with a 2.2 percent viewership rating, the series ratings have decreased to 1%.

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The final episode of the series received a 1.7 percent rating.

Despite its poor ratings, “Nevertheless” has made it into Korea’s top ten list of popular Netflix streaming shows. According to streaming analytic tool FlixPatrol, it also topped the list in several areas this week, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Other cast members also expressed their feelings over the show’s conclusion.

Yang Do-hyeok, Na-childhood bi’s friend, was played by Chae Jong-hyeop “The fact that the series is already coming to a conclusion is heartbreaking. While playing Do-hyeok, I am grateful and privileged to be liked and supported by so many spectators. We were able to have fun and shoot the series in such a congenial environment because the cast members got along so well.”

Lee Ho-Jung, a model-turned-actress, played Na-Bi’s friend Yoon Sol, who develops feelings for her closest friend Suh Ji-wan (played by Yoon Seo-ah).

“It’s been a dream come true to portray the role of Sol. The more I researched my character, the more I became enamored with her. As a result, I worked hard to bring her to life and capture the energy that makes her such a compelling figure “she stated, “I believe this character was a watershed moment in my acting career.

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