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Sona Mohapatra slams Ram Gopal Varma for his tweet on women buying liquor!

While Ram Gopal Varma had earlier tweeted a picture of women standing in queue to buy liquor, Sona Mohapatra has now lashed out at him!

After the government has allowed liquor shops to re-open, many people have been expressing their views on the same. While some are calling it a mistake, some others are explaining why it will increase the cases of domestic violence even more. One of the latest people to express his thoughts is the filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma.

Tweeting a picture of women standing in queue outside liquor shop, he wrote, “Look who’s in line at the wine shops.. So much for protecting women against drunk men.”


Now singer Sona Mohapatra has lashed out at him, as she said, “Dear Mr RGV,time for u to get into the line of people who desperately need a real education.1 that lets u understand why this tweet of yours reeks of sexism & misplaced morality.Women have a right to buy & consume alcohol just like men. No one has a right to be drunk & violent.”

The tweet exchange didn’t stop there as RGV replied to Sona justifying his initial tweet. He said, “Hey I think u misunderstood the intention behind that tweet.. I am the last person to be judgemental ..I meant it for the leaders who falsely presume that only men drink and abuse women in that state.”


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