Son Ye Jin Vs Jisoo: Jung Hae In's Two Best Co-Stars

Son Ye Jin Vs Jisoo: Jung Hae In’s Two Best Co-Stars

Son Ye Jin and Jisoo are Jung Hae In’s best co-stars so far, according to Korean drama viewers. Jung Hae In is a unique “flower boy” in the Korean film industry because he can produce exquisite chemistry with both his seniors and juniors regardless of age. Many people believe Son Ye Jin and Jisoo are the best of those who have coupled with him.

Something In The Rain is significant in Jung Hae In’s career since it is his first film in which he portrays a male lead. Not to mention, Jung Hae In starred alongside Son Ye Jin in a romantic comedy with a lot of heartfelt moments and nice scenes. Both of them were completely immersed in the film and made the audience swoon with the beautiful yet tragic love narrative.

So far, Jung Hae In’s chemistry with Son Ye Jin is the finest of all his co-stars. Despite the fact that they were 6 years apart in age, they were in perfect harmony. The emotional passages in Something In The Rain were sweeter and more authentic than ever before because of the way Jung Hae In looked at his senior or the way he steered emotions. This work, in particular, included a lot of kiss scenes, and there was not a single scene that did not delight viewers. Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin had the appearance of a real couple in love.

Fans are also avidly “shipping” Jung Hae In and Jisoo

Because Son Ye Jin was not dating Hyun Bin when Something In The Rain aired, many fans favoured Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin. When Hae In was around Son Ye Jin, everyone admired how he took the initiative, and Son Ye Jin followed all of her juniors’ activities. When the two met on the red carpet at the awards ceremony, they didn’t hesitate to hold hands.

The audience didn’t see Jung Hae In’s strong chemistry with his female co-star again until Snowdrop debuted. Jisoo is the target this time. Because the two are portraying a couple with many challenges, there haven’t been any dramatic love scenes, but just seeing Jung Hae In and Jisoo next to each other is enough to brighten up the TV screen.

This pair faces difficulties in an entirely different approach from the previous one. The two had a lovely friendship, but due to their circumstances and status, they become adversaries. Despite the hostility and severe behaviours, however, spectators nevertheless feel remorse, sadness, and even clinging. Jung Hae In and Jisoo frequently use their eyes to express their feelings, giving the impression that they are silently speaking with one other.

Fans are also avidly “shipping” Jung Hae In and Jisoo. Viewers are unable to sit still due to their on-screen and behind-the-scenes chemistry. Fans have been ecstatic since Jung Hae In shared a snapshot of a paper plane constructed by Jisoo in Snowdrop on his Instagram account.

Jisoo is always looked after by Jung Hae In, who assists her throughout filming. What a delicate and sincere affection he has for his co-star. Their vibes are also surprisingly similar. Another fascinating fact is that Jisoo has been compared to Son Ye Jin in the past.

Let’s watch Something In The Rain again as we wait for the upcoming episodes of Snowdrop to see how wonderfully Jung Hae In falls in love with lovely noona Son Ye Jin. Who do you think is the best looking couple? Let us know in the comments below.

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