Social worker Sunil Balwadkar keeps his birthday celebration low-key, helps needy people in the COVID-19 crisis News

Social worker Sunil Balwadkar keeps his birthday celebration low-key, helps needy people in the COVID-19 crisis

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Time icon June 20, 2020

Birthdays are just like other days. Celebrating it like a normal day, Pune-based social worker Sunil Balwadkar says that he likes to keep his birthday a low-key affair rather than party with friends. “In this COVID-19 pandemic, all the birthdays are being celebrated at home (laughs). But for me, it was a normal day like every year”, said Balwadkar who ringed in his birthday yesterday. Based in Balewadi in Pune, the social worker this year celebrated his birthday by helping the needy people. 

Sunil donated food and other basic essentials to the needy people in his locality. Not just essentials, he even helped the homeless people by giving them a shelter to stay in. Ever since the coronavirus outbreak happened in India, Balwadkar initiated several distribution drives for the people in his areas. He says that it is a collective effort of the team and not just him alone. Earlier he has actively volunteered many social events with his friends in Pune. 

On his birthday yesterday, the social worker stepped out in Balewadi and other areas nearby to donate some food and money to the poor people. With the arrival of monsoons, Sunil has also donated a few raincoats and umbrellas for the people. “The cases of coronavirus might rise up in the rainy season. It was just a thought to distribute a few raincoats and umbrellas for the people who have to go out for work on a daily basis”, he added. 

The social worker is very good friends with the actor Nikhil Wairagar. With his support, he is able to reach out to help many people across Pune and other areas. The actor on his birthday wished him a happy and a very healthy life. We wish that Sunil Balwadkar keeps on doing this amazing work and may he continue to inspire people with his good deeds.

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