Social Media Star Amouranth Invests $2 Million In Google’s Parent Company Alphabet

Internet celebrity and content creator Amouranth takes home a massive bag each month and that’s without including her Twitch income! So incase Kaitlyn Amouranth decides not to stream on Twitch for an entire month, she would still pull off a $1 Million month!

She is one of the most popular female Twitch streamers on the planet. Apart from streaming on Twitch and posting content on YouTube, Amouranth is also active as a fashion model, businesswoman, and OF creator.

Investments of Amouranth

The social media star spent $10 million last year to buy a 7-Eleven store. The primary motive behind buying a 7-Eleven in a central location is ‘profit’, much like the motive behind buying a Gas Station that she now owns.

Amouranth also dropped $1 million in VISA stock on her birthday in December. Taking to her official Twitter handle, the internet sensation wrote: “I bought myself a million dollars of Visa Stock for my birthday!”

$5 Million Invested In Google

And now, the streamer-cum-celebrity has invested $2 million in Google’s parent company Alphabet stock. Her latest purchase of Alphabet shares brings her total investment to $5 million.

“Goog is one of the very best businesses on earth,” Amouranth wrote. “YouTube growth is insane, now earns more in ads than Netflix earns in subscription revenue.”

The content creator has been vocal about her retirement plans.

“I basically plan to grind it out as long and as hard as I can until either it doesn’t make sense anymore, or at some point the passive income > active income,” she noted. “This makes the most sense, this is the way to MAXIMIZE impact. Because passive income will only overtake active income in the scenario that I fall off a lot, OR my investments compound to the point of dwarfing anything I do actively (stream, 0F, etc).”

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