Snowdrop Subway Promotions By Fans With Jisoo Opposed, Show In Hot Water

Snowdrop Subway Promotions By Fans With Jisoo Opposed, Show In Hot Water

Snowdrop, starring Jung Hae In and Jisoo, has landed in hot water yet again. Korean citizens are dissatisfied with promotions paid for by fans of BLACKPINK member Jisoo this time.

Jisoonly Vietnam had paid for significant digital subway promotions in order to increase awareness and visibility for their favourite idol’s debut acting project. The individuals who used the subway, on the other hand, were not pleased.

Many people felt it disgusting that a show; with the capacity to change history in the eyes of an international audience would be promoted so heavily. A few Korean internet users also claimed to have filed civil promotions against the show’s promotion. As a result, just days after their advertising went live, the fanbase pulled them down.

They announced on Twitter that the show’s promotional preparations would be postponed indefinitely. If the promotions had gone according to plan, the event would have received a lot of attention in Korea.

Many Koreans were critical of Snowdrop at the same time that they were critical of an SBS show called Joseon Exorcist. The issue was with the show’s plot, which centred around Jung Hae In’s character; a North Korean spy who goes undercover as a student.

Many college students who challenged the military regime were arrested; and imprisoned under the guise of being North Korean spies. Several people were tortured by the regime; and the state’s justifications were romanticised in the play.

The general population believes that Snowdrop misrepresents a key aspect of their quest for democracy. The show takes place in the 1980s, a pivotal period in South Korean history. As a result, the public is unprepared for Snowdrop. Fans, particularly Blinks, are hoping that any narrative misconceptions will be rectified once the show airs.

Snowdrop will air on JTBC on December 18 and will also be available to stream on Disney Plus.

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