'Snowdrop' Ending Explained: Suho’s Escape Plans & The NSA’s Raid Clash

‘Snowdrop’ Ending Explained: Suho’s Escape Plans & The NSA’s Raid Clash

In both fiction and real life, the K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ has been a rollercoaster. It is Blackpink Jisoo’s first significant acting role, and it is set during South Korea’s democratic upheaval in the 1980s.

Jung Hae-in, a melodrama favorite, was cast opposite her. It began with a flurry of controversy, as members of the public and activists chastised it for portraying the uprising and relations between North and South Korea in an inappropriate manner. However, it has finally come to a close with a high grade.

Netizens ultimately gave the Jisoo-starrer K-drama a chance after the court and the Blue House (South Korea’s presidential office) overruled the cancellation petitions and lawsuits and gave their consent for the drama’s airing. They did much more, as devoted viewers are now divided about the denouement, which occurred on January 30.

The production opted to screen the final three ‘Snowdrop’ episodes in 48 hours, which made for an emotional weekend. Su-death, ho’s the NSA’s consequences, Young-ro’s fate, and other issues have piqued the interest of fans.

Jung Hae-in plays Su-ho, a North Korean spy who has reservations about his role when his team intends to assassinate him for obstructing their goals in ‘Snowdrop.’ Jisoo of Blackpink portrays student Young-ro, who misidentifies him as a student activist and holds her hostage to protect his team.

He chooses to go rogue, incurring the fury of his comrades as well as the NSA, which has teamed up with North Korea. Su-ho joins forces with the hostages, his colleague, Doctor Kang, and NSA officer Gang-mu to derail North Korea’s political goals.

Doctor Kang tries to persuade Su-ho to continue with their escape plan…

It has been determined that the North wants to kill their agents in order to sabotage the operation, but the South wants to kill all of the student hostages in order to gain sympathy votes and therefore win the next election. The South is willing to give the North $300 million in exchange.

In Episode 15, it appears that Su-plan ho’s is succeeding, as Doctor Kang receives the money, returns to the nation with his friends, and assists the captives in escaping without being killed by the NSA.

However, the largest storyline twist occurs in Episode 16, which is the last episode. While Su-ho, Doctor Kang, and his two companions attempt to flee with the money, it turns out that another sleeper agent is present in the hostel, foiling their intentions.

Kim, the old doddering dorm manager who initially cowered and was even beaten up by the comrades, was revealed to be a North Korean agent who was awakened to assassinate Su-team ho’s for failing their assignment. He kills Gyeok-chan and Eung-cheol, but he dies while attempting to kill Su-ho.

Doctor Kang tries to persuade Su-ho to continue with their escape plan but instead decides to return and save the student hostages as the NSA’s Nam Tae-il conducts a harsh raid on the location. Doctor Kang escapes alone with the money, promising to look after everyone’s family.

After the irate Ha-na informs the public about South Korea’s election plot, the NSA is dispatched to assassinate the students. Young-ro’s father NSA President Eun Chang-Su, recovers from a gunshot ordered by Nam Tae-il and assists Ha-na in escaping with the students.

The plan backfires slightly when Nam Tae-il orders the cops to shoot them nonetheless

Ha-na kidnaps the students and flees on a bus. Young-ro, Ms. Pi, Bun-ok, and cook Oh, on the other hand, are left behind in the hostel. Oh inadvertently detonates a bomb, and the others attempt to assist her. As they are encircled by NSA agents, Su-ho saves them, but he is shot numerous times in the process.

Except for Young-ro, who stays with the injured Su-ho, the three women leave. To ensure that she is not killed by Nam Tae-il, he informs the NSA of the location of the 300 million dollars, as well as the password to access it, which is only known to Young-ro.

The plan backfires slightly when Nam Tae-il orders the cops to shoot them nonetheless. Su-ho is killed, and Young-ro receives the tape he had recorded in reaction to her declaring her love for him at first sight. He also expresses his affection for her and requests that she lives her life. Su-ho watches as the NSA officers take Young-ro away. After she has left, he dies.

Regardless, the electoral strategy fails, and the rival party triumphs. The NSA leaders have been imprisoned, including Young-ro’s father. Her stepmother flees with an undisclosed sum of money.

Meanwhile, Gang-mu and Ha-na are seen leaving everything behind and driving away together in their automobiles. Young-ro is listening to Su-ho’s cassette at the cafe where she first saw him, wondering the different life they could have had together.

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