‘Smile’ Movie’s Creepy Marketing Campaign Is Haunting People In Real Life

Nowadays, in order to market films, many studios are opting for creative marketing. Over the years, there are many films that used the craziest marketing strategies to promote their film to the audience. Smile, the horror movie which is going to debut soon in theatres on 30th September. The marketing campaign for the film has already started and it’s so far the creepiest campaign ever.

In the film, as the most haunting element is that creepy smile, the studios have made use of it for marketing campaigns. They are making people sit in various Major League Basketball games with creepy smiles like in the movie. Not just that but they also had people wearing t-shirts on which ‘SMILE’ is written.

The marketing team has carried out this campaign in various live events. In which a random terrific smile person sits behind, for the people to feel their scary presence. Many people have shared the footage of the baseball matches as well, where the Viral marketing took place. Also other than this, the smile posters have been placed in various parts of cities in order for the people to see.

The actors hired were so perfect for the marketing campaign that they didn’t even stop their smiling expressions. Many people’s reactions were that they found this marketing strategy to be ‘incredible’ and ‘genius’. Others were just freaked out by the horror movie’s creepy marketing campaign.

Below are some people’s reactions.

About Smile

Directed by Parker Finn, the movie is a psychological horror film that will leave you with a lot of questions as to what’s behind the smile and what’s happening. Parker Finn is also the writer of the Smile Movie’. There is nothing much revealed as to how the story will go but the trailer is quite frightening and will give the horror fans the adrenaline rush.

The movie stars Socie Bacon, Jessie T Usher, Kyle Gallner, Rob Morgan, Kal Lenn, Caitlin Stadey, Judy Reyes, Gillian Zinser, Scot Teller, Dora Kiss, Nick Arapoglou, Jared Johnston, Shevy Gutierrez, Jerry Lobrow, Ura Yoana Sánchez and others.

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