Skyweaver: Play-To-Earn NFT Trading Card Game Launches With Coinbase Backing

After taking years into development, the blockchain-based trading card game Skyweaver has recently launched its Open Beta (after months of private access-only gameplay), with a rare crossover that tries to appeal to the so-far skeptical of NFTs gaming community. With its unique play-to-earn interface, which has over 500 unique cards that can be unlocked in the game for free, this game attempts at portraying the brighter side of integrating the non-fungibles’ marketplace with gaming.

Skyweaver’s Beginnings From 2019

Similar to popular trading card games like Hearthstone from Activision Blizzard and Magic: The Gathering Arena from Hasbro Inc – the game’s developments began back in 2019 – when Reddit’s co-founder Alex Ohanian led a $3.75 million funding round with his initialized capital, CoinDesk reports. Some other investors at the time included Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital, Inovia Capital, among others.

Skyweaver also had a soft launch in November 2021, going live on the Polygon (MATIC) mainnet. The eventual, slow-rolling launch of the card game has certainly yielded a few benefits, as the game already accommodates numerous advanced functionalities along with a quietly growing player base.

According to the press release observed by CoinDesk, the game’s phone app boasts 233,000 installs, a waitlist of 345,000 users, and $1.7 million in sales on the project’s decentralized marketplace. These numbers easily push Skyweaver to already obtain one of the top spots among the most popular blockchain-based games on the market.

How To Win And Trade The NFT Trading Cards

Gamers can compete for NFTs through Skyweaver’s challenges and weekly leaderboards, and a competitive conquest game mode offers ultra-rare gold cards and is the only place where the cards can be acquired outside of the marketplace: Benzinga wrote. Some additional features that are slated to be added throughout 2022 include in-game guilds, expansion sets, and puzzle games.

Players in the game may win, own, trade, and sell their NFT trading cards with a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace. The Skyweaver Market uses Niftyswap Protocol, an in-house development that is the first NFT automated market maker. Curated to bolster liquidity, prices in the marketplace are algorithmically calculated with no-bid or sell orders, which means users can buy and sell the NFT trading cards instantly.

“We see Skyweaver as bridging the gap that currently exists between the Web2 and Web3 gaming communities, with all the potential that holds for mass-market adoption and growth of the Skyweaver ecosystem,” Horizon Blockchain Games co-founder and CEO Peter Kieltyka declared.

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