Sitcom show: “The Wonder Years” gets a reboot on Disney+

Are you a fan of sitcoms?

If yes then be ready to experience this!

One of the classic sitcoms of all time is coming back to the small screens with the same essence.

If you are wondering what series are we referring to here, let us tell you, it is none other than the show “The Wonder Years”.

When it comes to releasing new content on streaming platforms there is no limit to it. Reloading its platform with one of the many sitcoms based in the 1960s is the reboot version of “The Wonder Years.”

Disney+ has recently loaded its content with the launch of The Wonder Years which is now streaming on the platform since June 15th. The first season of the series is currently streaming and has already been renewed for season 2.

The reboot version of the series is almost the same as the original one which was a coming-of-age series in the 1960s. Only a slight change has been made to the series which is that instead of a white family, the story revolves around a black family in Alabama.

The city was a main location during the Civil War and the story is narrated by Don Cheadle, from the perspective of a 12-year-old boy Dean (Elisha Williams).

It depicts the story of a middle-class black family in that era and how they get through the tough times and found their “wonder years”.

The reboot is inspired by the award-winning sitcom series and stars Don Cheadle, Dulé Hill, Saycon Sengbloh,  Laura Kariuki, Julian Lerner, Amari O’Neil, and Milan Ray.

Don Cheadle narrates the story as Adult Dean Williams and Elisha Willaims as the young Dean William. The story narrates the life of a black family in a humorous way and tells us the tough times that ordinary black people have been through.

“The Wonder Years” reboot is streaming now on Disney+ and the second season of the reboot would soon be premiered.

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