Sinf E Ahan Ep7: Main Leads Sajal, Yumna, Kubra, Finally In The Ground

The seventh episode of Sinf e Aahan relates to the dreams of these girls of joining the dream. However, the real struggles and trials begin now. Indeed, it is established how important this period is to each one of them. We can clearly see them accepting the new environment.

Each and every episode of Sinf e Ahan provides quality entertainment & although some of the scenarios may seem a bit too detailed. All of this will count in showing how far all these female cadets have come, individually. Indeed, their families supported them and left them on a positive note.

Rabia family behaved differently, indeed they know how tough she’ll make on the ground. And they knew the changes Rabia was going to go through in her personality. Mahajabeen attracted a lot of coverage in this episode.

Likewise, from her overly packed bags to her car to her hair dye, everything was off-track. Even before expected, she as well as her family got an idea of what was happening. Kumail could only offer some level of support but he wanted to respect Mahjabeen’s decision. Syeda Sidra was also finding it hard to adjust because she had certain preferences & all of that was shown interestingly as well. Also Read: Ahad Raza Missed Saboor And Ali Wedding, Sajal Seems Sad

However, there are certain scenes that may look a bit stretched but overall the vibe is refreshing. And it holds enough reasons to tune it. The main 5 characters are the strength of the show and the equal coverage that they get. Sinf-E-Aahan: Know Everything About The ISPR Drama

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