Sinf E Aahan Last Episode To Be Premiered In Cinemas Near You

The upcoming trend in Pakistani Drama is to set out first or last episode in the cinemas. We have seen many dramas launching or ending celebrations airing on silver screen. This list includes- Sang E Mah, Parizaad, Mere Pass Tum Ho. This time Sinf E Aahan last episode will be aired in cinemas soon after Eid.

So, Sinf e Aahan is a contender for cinematic release of final episode. The drama is garnering huge numbers at TRP tables as well as YouTube views with each episode getting above 10 million views every week. But again, fans showing mixed review on the same.

Sinf E Aahan

Sinf E Aahan Characters and Storyline

According to the creators, ‘Sinf-e-Aahan’ is one of the biggest and most expensive dramas to be made in the history of Pakistani dramas on television. Revolving around females who go from being the weaker links of a chain to the strongest ones. Though the show will focus on stories of six female cadets with lives and perceptions of their own, bound by their love for the Pakistan Army.

Kubra Khan (Mahjabeen Mastaan)
Yumna Zaidi (Shaista Khanzada)
Sajal Aly (Rabia Safeer)
Syra Yousaf (Arzoo Daniel)
Ramsha Khan (Pariwesh Jamal)
Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa (Nathmy Perrera)
Merub Ali
Dananeer Mobeen
Junaid Jamshaid (Kamil)
Asim Azhar
Usman Mukhtar
Asad Saddiqui
Ali Rehman
Shehreyar Munawar


Very first scene of this drama gives very beautiful and different walks of the leading women characters. However, the vulnerability portrayed by this drama is par excellence. The characters introduced in a thorough manner with their lifestyles. Each families dynamic are presented well that we immediately understand where they come from.

Rabia Safeer played by Sajal Aly, belongs to an Army background, she is a class topper too. She has been portrayed as a topper student, capable of doing so much but being restrained. Because her parents think getting her married at this age is the best decision for her. She feels bad but because she respects her parents enough, she obliges. 

Mahjabeen Mastaan played by Kubra Khan, comes from a privileged spectrum of the society. While people from afar might see her life as completely perfect & normal. But only she knows what she goes through where her parents share a toxic relationship. Mahjabeen is too inspired by General Nigar. And despite dictated by her mother, she wants to enjoy the life of glory. Mahjabeen is a corporate lawyer & she decided to opt for it because her mother wanted to. For other characters read here.

Suno Chanda Season 3 In Writing

The romcom talented writer, Saima Akram been seen acknowledging fans demand many times in the past. She always concluded that nothing is in her hand, it is the shows producer and channel who need to pull the plan. She is a writer and will only write when they’ll ask so.

But this Ramzan the writer had address about Suno Chanda season3, that she’s overwhelmed by the response she’s getting on Suno Chanda. Writer also promised fans to write Suno Chanda 3.

She captioned the post, “I am so overwhelmed by the response of my fans. This is the love i have been carrying since Suno Chanda Season1. If my fans showered the same love for Hum TUM, and Ch & Sons , this is my promise that i am going to write Suno Chanda Season 3. – for the love of Suno Chanda

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