Simu Liu Reveals His Blackpink Bias Is Lalisa

Blackpink has become one of the greatest K-pop bands in the world. The members of the girl group are not just winning hearts as a group but also through their solo careers. There is no doubt the quartet is quite talented and has achieved a lot on a global level. Even Blinks are always there for each one of them supporting and showing love to these outstanding artists.

For those of you who don’t Simu Liu too likes Blackpink but has his own bias between two of its members. As we all know currently, Blackpink is on its North American “Born Pink” Tour. Simu Liu was also spotted at the Los Angeles live concert of the K-pop girls. Obviously, he wasn’t alone, but with his new girlfriend Allison Hsu. Both of them were seen enjoying the songs and performance of the Blackpink Members.

In a recent interview with NextShark, Simu Liu spoke about his Blackpink bias between two of its popular members. For him, the bias is between Lisa & Jennie, as he can’t choose between the two as he likes them both.

He adds,” A bias and bias wrecker. It’s definitely between Lisa and Jennie. feel like I like both of them. Just seeing them live, they’ve got such a swagger. Just such an ease on stage, but also the ability to command a stadium of tens of thousands of people, that is not easy to do. Seeing the both of them, they’re just killers.”

Simu praised the girls how with their power pack performances they are able to grab the attention of thousands of people in the stadium, which is not really an easy thing to do. But finally, after praising both of them, he made his final choice from the bias. He admits his bias is Lisa.

Speaking of Lisa, in the year 2021, she made her own solo debut with her brand new album Lalisa. There is no doubt her talent is immeasurable and the blinks have immense love for her as well as the other members.

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