Simu Liu Reflects On His Public Life & Celebrates One Year Of Shang Chi

On 3rd September, it was Shang Chi: Legend of The Ten Rings’ first anniversary. Fans on the internet celebrated this, by sharing favorite moments from the film. Also by remembering their favorite scenes, actors, cinematography, and many more.

On this occasion of one year of Shang Chi, Simu Liu took to his Instagram handle to express gratitude. He shared the picture of the movie premiere and wrote a long caption.

Simu Liu writes about how this movie changed his life completely. He termed this journey ride to be the ‘absolute best’. The actor reflects upon this life saying it comes with a ‘massive cost.’

Further, he adds, ” I was suddenly catapulted into a stratosphere I had no business being in, and was woefully unprepared to deal with mental ramifications of a life lived in public.” Simu felt like he was ‘riding the hell out of the learning curve. As he crushed every interview and show appearance.

He shed light on how he neglected to spend the time to check on himself and prioritize his mental health. Simu reveals that he has filmed 4 movies back to back and now doing his fifth. He has also published his memoir as well.

The Shang Chi actor admits he barely had time to breathe as he is busy with all this work. He says, ” I was so obsessed with the idea of taking space and representing the community that I worked nearly myself to exhaustion.”

Simu Liu is happy and proud of one year of Shang Chi and his overall achievements. He revealed that he’s been taking therapy. The caption concludes as he writes, that more than becoming a superhero, he is on his way to becoming a good man.

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