Significant Symbolism of Meghan Markle's Jewellery in Harry & Meghan

Significant Symbolism of Meghan Markle’s Jewellery in Harry & Meghan

The major takeaway from the documentary series Harry & Meghan is that everything about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s image has destroyed a lot in their life. They are both trying to gain control of their lives after being “fed to the wolves”.

The clothes they wore, the jewelry Meghan wore, everything has a symbolic significance. For instance, the clothes show us the catalog of normalcy while Meghan’s jewelry is a nod to a certain member of the royal family. They have advertised their personal brand as they are setting the record straight.

The love story of Harry and Meghan was designed to show a fairytale where an ordinary girl was swept up by a prince. However, the woman sitting in front of Netflix is a businesswoman. The Cartier jewelry she wore speaks volumes about her values and where she currently is in her life.

Meghan wore a gold Tank Française timepiece, which belonged to Princess Diana and she is even name-checked multiple times in the docu-series. Her son, Prince Harry, was trying to protect his wife from the same fate as his mother because of the press.

Back in 2020, Meghan wore the Tank Française for a Fortune magazine summit, which highlights the connection she feels between her and her mother-in-law. Princess Diana had both the original leather strap as well as the gold one. This piece wound up with Meghan but was held in the custody of William.

After the death of Diana, her butler Paul Burrell took both Harry and William to her Kensington Palace apartment. They went home with her belongings as Harry got the diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring while William got the gold Cartier Tank Française.

“Above all, love wins”

However, things changed when William met Kate Middleton in 2010 and asked Harry to swap the souvenirs. After that, when Meghan came, Harry gifted her the Tank Française; and she already owned a two-tone version which was engraved with, “To M.M. From M.M.”

The watch looks more elegant in Harry & Meghan; as it is passed down from a mother to a son and to a brother. Meghan’s Cartier love bracelet accompanies the timepiece and it is all heart. It was designed by Aldo Cipullo in 1969. It is a signifier of wealth and status and the love of being in the arms parties of celebrities.

The Cartier pieces can be seen as Meghan trying to fill the gap between her former life; and her life as a royal. However, the last piece that she wears in Harry & Meghan shows her efforts to stay grounded moving ahead. The Duchess has borrowed Diana’s Cartier diamond bracelet before; but she has her own version which puts a little twist in the classic design.

Every token shown in the docu-series, where Meghan says, “Above all, love wins”; just enhances the emotions that has driven every decision taken by the couple.


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