Sienna Mae Called Out For Disrespecting Hawaiian Culture In TikTok Video

Sienna Mae Called Out For Disrespecting Hawaiian Culture In TikTok Video

Sienna Mae is well-known for her lifestyle and dance videos. However, recently she shared a video of herself on a vacation in Hawaii and in the video she’s seen wearing her swimsuit near a river. The TikTok star tries to imitate a dance before giving up and dancing normally.

But TikTok user kuakamahao called her out and asked what was that post. The real name of the user is Kamaha’o and they mentioned that Sienna was imitating a Tahitian dance to a Hawaiian song. They also pointed out that she was dancing on a land that was sacred to Hawaiian culture.

The user was pissed with the location and the comments section where her fans were defending her. They said, “Then you got your comment section which is disgusting; the amount of people who are not Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) or Ta’ata Ma’ohi (Native Tahitian); who are defending you and saying it’s not disrespecting your culture is gross. If you are not Pacifica, specifically not Hawaiian or Tahitian you have no say in it, period.”

Kamaha’o, later on, explained that the TikToker’s use of a Hawaiian song was playing; while she was attempting a Tahitian dance. They said it was not okay and stated that dancing the appropriate dance to the appropriate song will have been “semi-okay”. However, the influencer had stopped mid-way through to do a little “cute dance” was not okay.

The user added to his response that Hula dancing is a religious dance practice. He explained that the dance isn’t easy to recreate and many dancers put hard work and effort into it. After the video was reshared on Instagram by defnoodles, many users stated that people belonging to the culture could be the ones deciding if the video was disrespectful. Other users were more worried by Sienna’s allegations brought up by her former boyfriend, Jack Wright.

A user shared that they don’t know unless they are told and that they are not Hawaiian. The user-added, “However I’ve seen Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders sharing their culture with others and showing them how to dance. So I’m just confused.” Meanwhile, another user said all of them are ridiculous because not everything is disrespectful.

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