Shroud Says He Will Finally Stop Playing New World But There Is One Condition

Twitch streamer Shroud has been the biggest fan of the New World game. He has streamed the game for more than 100 hours combined and off late, there was no hint that he would stop anytime soon. But now the streamer has said there can be one reason which will force him to quit playing the New World game.

Earlier, Shroud has said to his fans that he would take a break from streaming New World because he has already put in a lot of hours into it. However, he will not permanently stop playing the game anytime soon.

“It’s hooking me in someway, somehow,” in the words of Twitch star Michael Shroud.

What Did Shroud Say?

But guess what can be the reason which will make him stop playing the game forever? Here is what Shroud said:

“If mutations work the same way that we’re doing right now and all they are is harder, but you don’t receive anything for it, I’m not going to play.”

“What the hell is the point of playing for something that’s harder if it nets you the same result?

“If they do mutations and you’re able to do mythic plus dungeons and make them harder, but they don’t actually give me any rewards, I’m not going to play. Like, what’s the point? That’s some dumb sh*t.

“You do a mutation. It takes like an hour to do. It’s a challenge. It takes you a lot of mats. Then you don’t even see anything good. It’s just going to suck.” 

His Obsession With New World Game

In the past, he has appreciated the game on many occasions

“The best part of this game, honestly, for me, is the fact that so many people care about me playing the MMO,” he explained. “MMOs are my favorite genre by far, they surpass even FPS’. I’ve always wanted an MMO that people actually enjoy watching me play. That’s why it’s really hard for me to even consider stopping at all.”

It is safe to say that we will not see Shroud go back to playing CS or Valorant anytime soon as he is very engrossed with the New World title. And of course, his viewers enjoy him playing the game so it’s a win-win for everyone.

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