Showaddywaddy’s Lead Singer Dave Bartram Talks About His COVID Experience

The former Showaddywaddy singer advised people to get a vaccine after his “brutal” experience with Covid-19.

Dave Bartram, who is from Leicester but is now living in Nottinghamshire, said he was tested positive for coronavirus on January 20, and  “for a month it has been debilitating”.

‘The Most Brutal Virus I Ever Experienced’

He said: “It has nothing to do with the flu or anything. It’s the most brutal virus I’ve ever had.”

Leicester’s Clinical Commissioning Group has released a video talking about it.

In the video, Bartram – who was part of a group famous for songs such as You Got What It Takes and Under the Moon of Love – said:

“If you are sceptical, think of others. We want to get back to normality. We want to cuddle people we haven’t cuddled for months on end.

“We want to go to football games, rock concerts, festivals, bars, restaurants and the only way to do this is by vaccination.”

Dave’s COVID Experience

He said a week after his wife Cathy was diagnosed with the virus, he began to feel tired and went to a testing center where he was given positive results.

The next day, he said, he suddenly felt his legs almost slip from under him.


The 68-year-old, who lives near Bingham, said: “I collapsed on the sofa and was out cold for a few hours and it was like that on a daily basis for five days.”

He said he would sleep for 11 hours then go downstairs to make a cup of tea, and would be exhausted again.

He also had other symptoms like a tight chest, breathing difficulties and a “never-ending cough”.

He added: “There was one night where my chest was so, so tight and I was struggling to breathe and we were close to calling for an ambulance.”

Bartram said he now felt “about 90%” better.

He added he felt “blessed” both he and his wife had recovered.

The Clinical Commissioning Group thanked the singer for his message and sent him their best wishes.

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  1. Avatarstacey blackmore

    Everyone needs to know dave bartram from showaddywaddy is not this wonderful happy guy you all think he is. He is vile a crook and treats people who he says he loves like dirt and no comment on 10 for me 1 for my stupid old band mates.
    Dave will all come out in the end

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