Short Film ‘One Last Shot’ By Saram Jaffery Wins Awards On International Stage

The International Film Festival Circuit, a co-production of eight different Film Festival events in the United States, is one such festival featuring thousands of films from many parts of the world, screens films and honors theaters by independent international filmmakers.

International Recognition

Saram Jaffery and his short film ‘One Last Shot’ put Pakistan on the map by winning many awards in the United States of America at the New York Film Awards 2020, Los Angeles Film Awards 2020 for Best Acting, Best Drama, and Best Narrative.

The film also won the Best Canadian Short Film and Viewers Choice Award at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival and Best Romantic Drama in India at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival and in Italy at the Oniros Film Awards.

Star Cast

‘One Last Shot’ is based on the life of a struggling artist from a South Asian background. Real stories are encouraged when Saram Jaffery plays a leading role as a struggling musician, trying to make a living and making bad decisions along the way that endangers his relationship with his loved ones.

Saram Jaffery

This short film is the first of Aniqa Zulfikar who plays the lead role of women in the film. The Canadian-based Pakistani model has previously performed in theater.

However, this is to be her first film.  Zuhair Raza Jaffery plays the antagonist in the film. He is a renowned veteran Pakistani actor who has appeared in countless dramas during the ’80s and ’90s. His most popular work includes ‘Ainak Wala Jinn’ and ‘Zameen’.

‘One Last Shot’

The fireball of talent, Saram Jaffery, is an actor and filmmaker who has always been immensely passionate about his two skills and embarked on his acting journey quite early. He was a child star and appeared in a few drama serials on PTV. From there, his passion grew and he ventured out to the theatre.

“My favourite thing to do in my free time, when I was a kid, was to watch movies and TV shows. I would often stand in front of a mirror and try to re-enact scenes from the movies. Then in my school days, I started getting involved in dramatics and performed in many school stage plays during my time. It just always felt like a buzz too good to describe. 

Canadian actor/filmmaker Saram Jaffery's film 'One Last Shot' making rounds  in the Film Festivals worldwide – Film Daily

Every time I would perform on stage and get appreciation from the crowd, that feeling always felt priceless. I always felt like this is where I belong and performing arts is my calling”, Saram expressed while speaking to Galaxy Lollywood. 

Upcoming Projects

Salam Jaffery is excited to continue his journey as an actor and filmmaker. With the demand for content as high as it is now, emerging talent has a great opportunity to showcase their talent to a global audience.

The love and support he received from ‘One Last Shot’ inspired him more than ever to deliver greater and better content for the audience.

Saram has too many pipeline projects. “I am currently working on a few projects. Some of them will be shot in Pakistan. There is a featured film on mental health issues, followed by a series of immigrant drama web series and another web thriller series. All are provided for standard cinema and broadcast theaters.

‘One Last Shot’ marks the first major role for Saram Jaffery and his digital debut in the broadcast platform market. This film is available for viewing in the USA and UK on Amazon Prime Video.

This short film has given the Pakistani film industry world-class coverage, however, Saram wants to continue to contribute to the launch of Pakistani cinema in the world and create a positive image of the country through art.

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