SHINJA Now Trading On LBank As Hopes Of A New ATH Surge, Meanwhile Token Sniffer Remains Skeptic

Cryptocurrencies have been a controversial topic throughout the 13 years of their existence – challenging conventional financial wisdom and worrying regulatory authorities around the world.

And 2022 has unquestionably seen the rise of little-known cryptocurrencies and memecoins like Shiba-inspired SHINJA and Doge-inspired BabyDoge over well-known giants like Bitcoin and Solana. But while Bitcoin’s future growth still stays foggy in the minds of many crypto enthusiasts, Shinobi, on the other hand, has amassed a great amount of positive traction over social media platforms in the past few days.

Since news of the self-proclaimed deadliest Shiba’s initiative to expand its roots – by getting listed on different five exchanges – came out on 21 Jan, the memecoin has been on a largely bullish run for the remaining days of this month.

Tags like #ShinjaIsTheNext1000X, #ShinjaSeason and #ShinjaIsTheNext1000XGem have been floating around continuously on Twitter for the past day. Adding to that, the digital token also published news of its listing on LBank’s crypto exchange only 4 hours ago.


Shibnobi (CCC: SHINJA-USD) is an innovative deflationary token aiming to revolutionize Defi. It’s also a Shiba-inspired token that self-proclaims itself as the “the World’s Most Deadly Shiba”, all the while featuring a Shiba Inu in ninja clothes.

Token Sniffer Currently Rates SHINJA a 43/100

The token checker referred to as the, recently dipped its ratings of the pupcoin SHINJA to 43/100, even dropping it down to 0/100 for a while on Thursday. Why? They claim that this score measures SHINJA’s token contract and characteristics on whether it meets the criteria for safety, as assessed by them.

Interested investors may check out more details by analyzing such aspects firsthand, or by looking up the token checker, which points out flaws like a high buying and selling fee to observations like Shibnobi’s creator wallet allegedly has more than 5% (~9.07 percent) of the token’s supply.

Some twitterers alarmed by this score discussed the token’s contract, as well as some other aspects with the #shinja scam tag on 27 January.

Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that these automated scanners do not provide the full picture, just as the checker website also forewarns. For any investments into a cryptocurrency, it’s always advised to do our own research and decide at our own discretion.

SHINJA Appears on LunarCrush’s Top 10 AltRank

Shibnobi’s popularity boom hasn’t gone unnoticed by other platforms in the crypto space, as LunarCrush, a social intelligence site for crypto, listed SHINJA on the eighth spot among its top 10 altRank coins on the 24th of this month.

Also, by burning about 45% of its total supply a few days ago (to massively boost its price value), along with reaching its 80K milestone on Twitter during the same period, it’s no surprise to hear SHINJA has achieved its bull run in the present crypto market.

At the time of writing, SHINJA’s price has jumped 2.3% in the last 24 hours, and about 226.7% in the past 7 days, according to CoinGecko.

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