SHINee's Taemin To Complete Military Service Amid Depression & Anxiety

SHINee’s Taemin To Complete Military Service Amid Depression & Anxiety

Taemin of SHINee will complete the balance of his military service as a public service worker, after initially enrolling as a member of the military band.

Taemin was transferred from the military band to public service on January 14th, according to SM Entertainment, due to worsening depression and anxiety symptoms. His label revealed that Taemin has been transferred from the Ministry of Defense’s Military Band Service Support Group to reservist duty.

They further added that while serving, the idol has been receiving continuous treatment and counselling for his symptoms of depression and panic disorder; which he has been suffering from before. The label further added that however the symptoms have aggravated and he has been transferred to reservist duty.

SM Entertainment said, “ is impossible for him to continue his military service simultaneous with treatment”. This is why the idol will be carrying out national defence duties as a military social worker.

The label further apologized for upsetting fans with the sudden news. They said that they will now focus on Taemin’s therapy and will do all possible to keep his condition steady. Taemin had previously begun his military service on May 31, 2021.

SHINee’s members started enlisting in the military after the group’s leader Onew enlisted in December 2018. The group has never been the same as three out of the now four members of the group have enlisted themselves in the year 2019.

Taemin was the only member that was left to enlist. His fans and SHINee’s fans knew they had to bid goodbye to their idol. However, they were still given a lot to take from Taemin after his appearance in the SM Entertainment supergroup, SuperM. Taemin enlisted for the mandatory military service as a member of the military band as SHINee members Onew, Key and Minho bid farewell.

However, the idol did not leave his fans high and dry as he was always sending messages for his fans. He also sent pictures from the military and shared them on social media. After his enlistment, for the first time, the Military Manpower Administration of South Korea uploaded a video on their official Youtube channel. They titled the video Private Lee Taemin- 30 questions and 30 answers interview with SHINee’s Taemin.

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