Shim Hyung Tak’s Wife Hirai Saya Leaves Fans In Awe With Her Uncanny Resemblance To BTS’ Jungkook

Shim Hyung Tak’s upcoming marriage to his Japanese fiancée, Hirai Saya, has garnered attention not just for the happy occasion, but also for the uncanny resemblance that Saya bears to BTS’s Jungkook. The announcement of their upcoming nuptials was made on TV CHOSUN’s ‘Chosun’s Lover’, where Saya was introduced to the public for the first time. However, it was only on April 10, when the episode aired, that viewers and netizens took notice of her striking resemblance to the K-pop idol.

Netizens and fans alike took to social media to express their shock and amazement at how much Saya looks like Jungkook, with some going as far as saying that she could be his long-lost twin sister. The resemblance between the two is so strong that some fans even suggested that Jungkook’s face was superimposed onto Saya’s. Others drew comparisons between Saya’s appearance and Jungkook’s early debut days, when he sported long hair.

The news has quickly spread across various online communities, with netizens sharing side-by-side comparison photos of the two. The resemblance is striking, from the shape of their eyes and nose to the curve of their lips. The resemblance is so uncanny that many fans have jokingly speculated if Jungkook and Saya are actually related.

Shim Hyung Tak, who has been dating Saya for the past four years, has yet to comment on the attention that Saya’s resemblance to Jungkook has garnered. However, fans have been quick to offer their congratulations to the couple on their upcoming marriage.

Hirai Saya is not the first person to be compared to Jungkook, as many celebrities and idols have been said to resemble him in some way. However, she might be one of the most convincing ones so far.


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