ShibArmy Celebrates The ‘Shibillionaire’ Song On Valentines Day

Shiba Inu has been the darling meme-coin of crypto enthusiasts. It has generated massive returns for its investors, also known as the ShibArmy.

The ShibArmy is one of the most loyal and active communities on Twitter. The ShibArmy members have a very strong belief in the future prospects of the meme-coin. They never miss a chance to buy the dip. Off late when Shiba Inu coin was plummeting drastically, ShibArmy members encouraged one another to continue buying the dip.

On every occasion, there is something special that the ShibArmy celebrates together. For instance, the ShibArmy enjoyed the Shib Burn party during Christmas that was held by Bigger Entertainment. Now that Valentines Day is here, the ShibArmy has a new song to groove to.

‘I Wanna Be A Shibillionaire’

A twitter user shared the ‘Shibillionaire’ song with the ShibArmy members. It is a unique, fun, and sweet song which encapsulates the feeling of all ShibArmy members of becoming a Shiba Inu billionaire.

The lyrics of the Shibillionaire song are:

‘I wanna be a Shibillionaire so fu*king bad. Buy all that crypto that I never had. I wnana be on the cover of Coin Telegraph, YOLO-ing into multi chain dApps. Oh every time I close my eyes, Ethereum keeps making new highs. Yah, I should have bought that coin three years ago I swear but Will I really care when I’ll be a Shibillionaire. I wanna be a Shibillionaire so fuc*ing bad. Buy all that crypto that I never had.”

Microsoft X Shiba Inu

Recently, there has also been news that Microsoft is planning to announce a partnership with Shiba Inu.

Many users are anticipating a partnership announcement between Microsoft and Shiba Inu in the near future. One major reason why Shiba Inu is expected to be involved in the latest Microsoft tweet is that the core dev team of the meme-coin recently announced their entry into the Metaverse with digital Shiba Lands.

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