ShibArmy Can Win NFTs During Upcoming Shiba Inu Burn Party On April 3

ShibArmy is getting ready for a rally in Shiba Inu price as the first ever crypto record label ‘Bigger Entertainment’ has scheduled a burn party on April 3rd yet again!

To date, Bigger Entertainment has hosted three burn parties – two of them being on special occasions such as Christmas and Valentines Day. On Christmas, the crypto label burnt 240 million Shib supply whereas it burnt more than one billion Shiba Inu coins during Valentines Day this year.

Shiba Inu Burn Party

Termed as ‘burn party’, the ShibArmy celebrated as Bigger Entertainment acted as the messiah of the masses by burning millions of Shib from circulation on both the occasions.

And now, the crypto label has announced yet another Shib Burn party on 3rd April. This time around, the ShibArmy members will have the opportunity to win NFTs as they contribute to the Shiba Inu burn pot.

Bigger Entertainment To Burn 600 Million Shib

The CEO of Bigger Entertainment took to Twitter and wrote:

“Our next #SHIB BURN PARTY, NFT MADNESS, is live at Lots of details so make sure you read! Our goal is 600 Million #shib this time! There are more ways than ever to contribute and win NFT’s in the process. Lets make it happen #SHIBARMY!”

ShibArmy is supporting the initiative of Bigger Entertainment with all its might. A quick glance at the event page on the official website shows that for every 5,000 views the video which Bigger Entertainment has released on its YouTube channel gets, the crypto label will give away an NFT to a random person in the comments. (Until NFT’s are gone).


* Watch the video below and leave a comment in the comment section on YouTube.

(Only one comment per person counts)

* We’ll use a random comment picker to select winners during the burn party on April 3rd.


Please send Polygon hosted NFT’s to the following address to be given away on air:

OPENSEA.IO ADDRESS: 0x7a8e1210b0c58ceb1bab056494ec045c731f482d

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