Shiba Inu And Dogecoin Communities Create A Combined ‘ShibaDoge’ Memecoin For Unity

Cryptocurrencies are on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately. What started out as a revolution in the world of finance soon changed lanes and also started out a branch of memecoins: with Dogecoin being the leader of all memecoins in existence today.

However, a new crypto by the name of Shiba Inu was introduced to rival the dominance of Dogecoin. While both the memecoins have battled it out to become the biggest memecoin in the world, the supporters of both Doge and Shib have now come up with something phenomenal.

Shiba Inu + Dogecoin = ShibaDoge

Some of the supporters of Shib and Doge joined hands to bring out a new cryptocurrency that aims to unite the communities of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in order to create massive synergy and take a flight ‘to the moon’. The new memecoin which is a combo of two of the biggest memecoins is named ShibaDoge.

ShibaDoge is gaining traction amidst the ShibArmy and the DogeArmy alike. The memecoin has been the talk of Twitter trends and seems to be the next success in the realm of meme investing. However, it is still too early to be certain about it.


Recently, on Twitter, one picture is going viral in the Shib community that is warning all ShibArmy members to stay away from the ongoing Airdrop by the website shown in the picture.

Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies have jumped on the news of being listed on Robinhood in the past. For instance, the first ever Dog inspired meme-currency Dogecoin jumped 8,700% on the news of being listed on Robinhood.

A source revealed a Robinhood team held a meeting on the listing of Shiba Inu at 3:00 p.m. yesterday. The discussion was about getting SHIB on board along with 2-3 other cryptocurrencies.

While the initial competition between Doge and Shib drags on, this effort by a small team to unite Doge and Shib communities via ShibaDoge cryptocurrency is a commendable one.

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